Highlights from AI With The Best 2017

On April 29–30, With the Best held AI With the Best, an online developer conference. This was the third AI event held, and it was our biggest yet! Participants from all over the world tuned in to hear 92 industry experts teach and share their knowledge on all things AI. Attendees, from undergraduate students to founders, tuned in from all over the world. The conference had 4 tracks (Machine Learning, Deep Learning w/ NLP and Chatbots, Startups & Industry & Society, and Demos/Tutorials) with 14 time slots. Some of our key note and returning speakers included Sam Altman, Y Combinator; Aerin Kim, BYOR; Yoshua Bengio, Google; Ian Goodfellow, Google Brain; Dennis Mortensen,

People tuned in from all around the world.

CEOs, Data Engineers, Researchers, and more spilled the beans on

how AI is affecting society,

recommendation systems,

autonomous cars,


Deep Learning in Production,

and 87 other topics.

Our first time speakers did a fantastic job on engaging their audiences and providing insight on all topics AI. Jun-Yan Zhu provided examples of GANs with a Zebra Putin, Gaurav Kumar Singh from Ford showed us autonomous driving research through gaming, and Youtuber Siraj Raval went into depth on hyperparameters.

We received valuable feedback from speakers and attendees to improve our future conferences. Team With the Best looks forward to future conferences with you all.