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Dataconomy is the leading portal for news, events and expert opinion from the world of data driven technology. Founded in Berlin, a hub for data science innovation, we provide a global network of industry-renowned contributors and local communities all across Europe. We focus on industry giants and disruptive startups alike, looking at only the most interesting applications of data technology.

IProgrammer is an online magazine for programmers publishing new content every day of the week. Passionate About Programming, IProgrammer provides a balance of theory and practice, tutorial and project plus comment pieces that reflect on the programming issues. We also have a rich wealth of material on the history and development of programming and computer technology. 

Synced ( was founded in March 2014. It is the first Chinese media company that focuses on the news and insights of cutting-edge technologies. As the industry's most influential media leader, we provide professional, authoritative, and inspiring content in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, neuroscience and other revolutionary emerging technologies. Our vision is to help readers gaze into the future interactions between mankind and technologies

WIRED Live is the two-day festival that brings to life the fantastic and compelling stories on ideas, business, technology and design found within WIRED magazine 2 - 3 Nov 2017 Tobacco Dock, London. Check out the other events such as WIRED Money 18th May, WIRED Security 28th Sept, WIRED Retail 11 Oct, Wired Next Generation 4th Nov in London. is one of the web’s largest publishers and communities for software professionals. With thousands of articles, over 250 cheat sheets, and free industry research, thousands of tech professionals visit DZone every day to sharpen their skills and advance their careers. Visit to join for free today!

AI Trends is the leading industry media channel focused on the business and technology of enterprise AI, designed for executives wishing to keep track of the major industry business trends, technologies and solutions and stay in front of the fast moving world of AI and gain competitive advantage. Be sure to subscribe to our daily newsletter. Attend our annual AI World Conference & Expo. Learn more at

Dev Diner helps developers navigate the world of emerging tech. Founded by PatCat who wanted something that would help summarise all of the noise in the world of technology for developers. The goal is for Dev Diner to become a valuable resource for developers to learn, find new tech to try out and be inspired by the fantastic things that technology is enabling in this day and age.

Women Who Code (WWCode) is global non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. We work to support this generation in being and becoming leaders and role models in the tech industry.

The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organisations, the actual solutions that are transforming business productivity. Date: 9-10 May 2017 Venue: Business Design Centre, London

Data Natives is a conference for the data-driven generation. Born in Berlin, and held also in Tel Aviv Data Natives emerged to spur the interaction between startups and businesses within the growing field of Big Data, AI, Machine Learning and IoT.

J On The Beach is an international rendezvous for developers and devOps around Big Data technologies. A fun conference to learn and share the latest experiences related to topics like distributed systems, IoT projects, Big Data Architectures and, the most important part, it’s On The Beach!

BaseCamp is an immersive full-time 8-week program for prospective Data Scientists. During 8 weeks students will deepen their theoretical knowledge, enhance practical skills and become a qualified Data Scientist ready for an exciting career. BaseCamp runs two editions this summer: Vienna - actual clients, real-life Data-problems, studying in the heart of Europe.  Medellín - training while exploring beautiful Colombia and stepping off the beaten path. Applications are open now!

The Data Incubator is a Cornell-funded data science training organization running an advanced 8-week fellowship for PhDs looking to enter industry either in person: New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC, or online. Hiring and training partners, include LinkedIn, Capital One, and Pfizer.Fellows have the option to participate in the program

First Point Group (FPG) is a specialist technology and telecommunications recruitment company HQ in London and a network of 11 global offices whose multi-lingual staff work across 160+ countries worldwide; giving FPG a truly global reach.

Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology. Adriana Gascoigne founded GIT in 2007 to create a support framework to help women advance their careers in STEM fields.

Lignux is a non profit association aiming to Diffuse GNU Linux and free software in general, enhancing the democratic culture, organising leisure and education learning projects and offering alternative points of view in IT and society today

O’Reilly provides technology and business training, knowledge, and insight to help companies succeed in the face of huge economic and technological shifts confronting businesses today. O’Reilly’s Safari online platform offers live online training, video, and books from 200+ of the world’s best publishers. is a collaborative Natural Language Platform for Developers. We teach machines how to understand humans. Building bots isn’t always an easy task. Under hundreds of lines of codes, between APIs, frameworks and tools, language technologies get tricky. We know this. That’s why we decided to create a tool that will allow you to build the most advanced bots in the simplest way: Bot Builder!

Developer Events gives you a comprehensive list of all the Developer Events taking place globally throughout the year

The Applied AI Conference is a must-attend event for people who are working, researching, building, and investing in Applied Artificial Intelligence technologies and products. May 11th San Francisco. A limited number of early bird tickets are now available Register Now

Botfuel operates as a web-based platform and SDK that offers chatbots for individuals and businesses. The platform allows individuals and businesses to engage with their customers on channels they already use, provide automated and personalized customer support, and increase brand engagement.

Data Elixir's weekly newsletter keep data lovers around the world up to date with the best data science news and resources from around the web - with its own section on Deep Learning. Subscribe now

HRTech Conscience are engaging with HRTech Startups for improving their products & solutions, growing business engagement, overcome challenges and transform their businesses. HRTech Conscience is helping Startups to gain momentum in this challenging and competitive market. 

M.I.E Summit is the annual summit organized by Machine Intelligence Exchange with a mission to connect enterprises, startups, investors and engineers and increase public understanding and the implications of machine intelligence. Furthermore, MIE seeks to assist and push forward the machine intelligence industry globally. Location: Urban Spree, Berlin Germany June 20th 2017

ODSC - Open Data Science Conference  is essential for anyone who wants to connect to the data science community and contribute to the open source applications they use everyday. Our goal is to bring together the global data science community to help foster the exchange of innovative ideas and encourage the growth of open source software. ODSC East, Boston May 3-5 2017, ODSC Europea Oct 13-14th

The Research and Applied AI Summit (RAAIS) 2017 explores the frontiers of AI from the research lab and the tech industry. In its 3rd edition, the RAAIS brings together applied academic researchers, students, tech entrepreneurs, engineers, product developers, and corporate leadership. This community-focused showcase exists to accelerate the future of AI tech, and hope to inspire new generations of AI entrepreneurs and researchers to solve the world's most important problems. London June 30th 2017

Seoul Space is Korea’s premier startup incubator and IT hub, ideally located in the heart Seoul fast-paced Kangnam district. Striving to become the “Silicon Valley of Korea”, Seoul Space has laid great foundations for building an eco-system for Korea IT innovation and growth.

Standuply is the Slack bot for remote Agile teams. It runs asynchronous or timed standup meetings and delivers the results to Slack and via email. You can use predefined templates or make your questions and in your language to make it fun. 


Big Data SF is a group for anyone interested in big data technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, data visualization, etc. All skills levels are welcome. I have started this group for big data professionals to network and learn the latest in the big data technology. Looking forward to having lively discussions about the cutting edge big data technology and its impact on the business world.

SF Bay Area Machine Learning Meetup A group to discuss all things Machine Learning! Topics may include (but are not limited to): learning theory, computer vision, natural language processing, data mining, computer audition, etc. Everyone is welcome!

SF Data Science Regroups Data Scientists in San Francisco and the Bay Area are doing incredible data science: making graph models of symptoms and human disease, extracting insight from huge amounts of data in real time, and building tools to make this whole process easier. We founded this Meetup as a forum to showcase this ongoing work, to spread knowledge and help the data science community level up.

Toronto Entrepreneurs, comprises of start-ups, professionals and investors with a variety of expertise and resources in the extended Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  We organize free events for members with a purpose to inspire further entrepreneurship, technologies, business, and social innovation. 

DC NLP Meetup For anyone in the Washington, D.C. area working in or interested in Natural Language Processing. Our meetings are an opportunity to network, give presentations about your work or research projects, learn about the latest advancements in our field, and exchange ideas or brainstorm. Topics include computational linguistics, machine learning, text analytics, data mining, information extraction, speech processing, sentiment analysis, and more!

Paris AI welcomes all developers to participate in their meetups. This group is focused on new tech stacks available in AI and the use cases around AI. We will invite exciting startups who are working in AI and present their technology.

Deep Learning Paris Meetup aims at harnessing opportunities and *technical* issues linked to Deep Learning. We'll talk about implementations (Theano, pylearn2, Torch, CNN, DL4J), word embedding (word2vec, Glove...) and more. The long term goal is to code together, exchange tips and compare methods. Strong background in CS and ML is expected :) 

ACM New York City is a non-profit professional group meeting regularly to discuss computer science topics including UX, user research, data visualization, predictive analytics, applied machine learning, statistical modeling, open data, and artificial neural networks. Tutorials and their applications; success stories; discussions of tools, new technologies, and best practices. All welcome

Chatbots Paris Meetup is for everyone interested in Conversational Assistants whether they're users, developers, linguists, or newbies. We organise monthly meetups allowing us to discover the tech, trends, startups and the best use-cases from the incredible world of chatbots! Also a great chance to meet other like-minded people in Paris.

Data Istanbul Meetup is a group for anyone interested in Data and related technologies to drive future by crunching data. We want to share our knowledge around data engineering, data science, statistics, machine learning ...

Fort Lauderdale Machine Learning Meetup is a group for anyone interested in topics related to machine learning. The goals will be to discuss papers in the field of machine learning, implement and explore algorithms through hands on experimentation and explore applications. I look forward to meeting other ML enthusiasts and sharing ideas.

HR Tech Meetup Germany is for sharing knowledge, experience and challenges in the new era of Digital Transformation to adapt to the new world of transformation in HR Tech. From ERP Software, Software as a Service(SaaS), Cloud Solutions, User Experience, Predictive analytics/intelligence services or Analytics with Big Data, Cloud integration, Platform as a Service(PaaS) to new HR waves like Talent Management, Modern HCM, HR Shared Services, via Entrepreneurship & Startup thoughts on HR Tech.