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AI With The Best is a two-day international online conference for developers focused on AI tech.

Launched in 2015 With The Best is the first online conference series for developers, focusing on bringing together worldwide peers, mentors, and experts with the same technical focus, to share knowledge, learn, and network -- regardless of geographical boundaries. 

Streaming high-quality live technical presentations to developers in the comfort of their home without needing to travel -- we're democratizing the conference experience!


Our platform live streams technical talks, supports communication between speakers and attendees, a discussion forum, and a blog -- but most importantly, 1-to-1 video calls between speakers and participants.


Series of 40-minute talks tailored for developers.

1-to-1 Sessions

Video networking sessions with the chosen expert(s).


Q&A Forum where experts & attendees can share insights.


Access to the replay for 2 months after the conference.

"As a researcher, I’m excited about the potential of technology to transform society, but most of research-related institutions don’t actually make much use of technology. Most conferences are still held only in person and require everyone who attends to buy expensive plane tickets and release a lot of carbon into the atmosphere. I like that AI With the Best uses the internet to bring everyone together, so there are fewer barriers to attendance and a truly global audience."

Ian Goodfellow
Research Scientist Google Brain, creator of GANs

Speaker at AI With The Best 1st, 2nd & 3rd Edition
Conference Advisor

TEAM with the best

Working between San Francisco and Paris to organise the AI With The Best global developer conference
Cyril Attia
CEO & Co-Founder
Amalia Alexandru
Digital Product Manager
Maria Duloquin
Digital Project Manager



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